How to Remove Password from login Windows 7

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Have you often wanted that your computer would automatically login and have password enabled?

Many people want that and that’s why we going to show you how you do it today.

If you are looking for how to recover/remove a lost Windows login password you should visit this tutorial: How To Remove Windows Password

This will remove the password when you reboot or boot your computer. Then you can turn your pc on and let it start and load in to Windows without you needing to enter a password. But if you want to lock your computer when you are maybe writing some important documents and you needs to go away for 2 hours but don’t want anybody to be enable to modify or do something on your PC then you can still do that by locking Windows. You can do that my pressing Windows button + L.

How to:

Press Windows Button + R or go to start menu and search for run.

When you have opened that program type in this code:

control userpasswords2

Select your username and uncheck this box in picture.

A picture that shows User Account settings in windows 7

When that is done press Ok and you will be prompted to enter password and confirm it. Do it and press ok and your done!


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  • Rya

    Great post! There are many methods for windows password recovery. At one time I forgot windows password. I created a windows password reset disk with a program from and I successfully reset the forgotten password with the disk.

  • Mikal

    Thanks for the that tip. I will look into it.

    Nice to see a reply.

  • zingle

    Yeah,great.In my opinion,Only the administrator of the computer can reset the password else when you enter the wrong password you will be prompted the password is incorrect, you need to close the box and then insert the password reset disk and follow the steps it has. You can use it again if you loose your password. If you don’t have the password reset disk the Windows Password Key provides a password recovery software that can recover the lost password for you. see it any of the options help you.

  • Dan Alvares

    Theres is any way to fallback?

    • MikalD

      Yes. Just check the box again.